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What does the acronym 'NAP' stand for?

When a 'W' is added to the acronym NAP, what does the 'W' stand for?

What is a citation in local search?

Citation consistency in local search refers to:

Which of the following business models is likely to be ineligible for a Google My Business listing?

Yelp has always asked business owners to actively request reviews from their customers.

Does Yelp forbid business owners to link from their own websites to their Yelp Reviews?

Amazon's product connecting customers with local professional service providers is called:

Google Home Service Ads are:

The user-as-centroid phenomenon can be described as:

In July of 2015, Google announced the following:

In 2015, the divorce of Google+ from Local included the removal of the following from Google+ pages:

In 2015, Google stopped showing data for which of the following in their Places API:

In fall of 2015, local SEOs greatly lamented the loss of which Google feature:

In 2016, you'll be advising any local business model to invest a major portion of its time posting on Google+.

A major Google shake-up in the past year was:

Which of the following platforms provide data to Apple Maps?

Which of the following is believed to have a major positive impact on localized ORGANIC rank?

Which of the following is believed to have a major negative impact on local pack rankings?

In December 2015, Facebook launched a new local search function that promises users which results?

Google supports toll free numbers on GMB listings.

When it comes to GMB categories, Google wants you to:

In a multi-practioner business model, which GMB naming structure is correct for practitioner listings?

For multi-location businesses, Google wants the business name on each GMB listing to:

In the GMB dashboard, suite numbers belong in the:

In 2015, Google's Amit Singhal announced:

When Google's April 21st mobile-friendly update rolled out, Gary Illyes stated:

Amazon Prime Now is:

Doordash is:

OrderAhead made headlines in 2015 for:

Detecting and addressing GMB duplicates might include:

If your local business moves, you should:

In-store mobile technology can:

Apple's first major physical product launch since releasing the iPad is:

In 2015, Nokia was seen as exiting the mapping industry when they sold Nokia Here to:

Which of the following practices should local businesses avoid on their websites:

Google's JohnMu surprised many Local SEOs when he stated in the Webmaster Central Help Forum that:

In the local search ecosystem, the 4 primary US data suppliers for major search engines are:

It's believed that Google's RankBrain algorithm could impact results for local entities in the following way:

How many Google-based reviews does a business typically need to earn to get stars to display?

You scored {{var_score}}, which ranks you among local SEO experts as a:

0-14 Newbie: Time to study up on your citation data!

Beginner: Good job, but you're not quite in the 3-pack yet.

24-29 Intermediate:
You're getting close to the centroid!

30-34 Pro:
Let's tackle multi-location!

35-40 Guru:
We all bow down to your local awesomeness.
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